Monday, December 2, 2013

We found and Article in the Obituary section of the Los Angeles times that said: John Egerton died.  I did not know him or of him but he was a journalist and author of some renown.  His most famous work: "SOUTHERN FOOD" is a combination of  southern cooking recipes and social history.  I have not read it but will order and do so.  Another book "SPEAK NOW AGAINST THE DAY" is about southerners who spoke out against racial status quo before it was a national issue.

The picture above is of a contented cow in Tillamook, Oregon.  What's strange is the black marking on its head.  I was fooling around with increasing the dynamic range  of the light and dark areas and up popped an image of a cow head on a cow head.  Ok Ok you say I did that on purpose.  No I did not.

Some sunflowers to brighten a cloudy day.